Interviews are usually arranged with the managing editor ahead of time rather than submitted by freelance, but for those interested in shopping these, guidelines are below. Prior to sending interview, send query to: Please note, we are not interested in promotional material disguised as interview. 

  • Prefer interviews with those in the arts—mostly literary—but visual and performing arts will also be considered. 
  •  Length: 2000-2500 words 
  • If it’s not someone with whom we are familiar, we’ll need to see a sample of their work. For example: a copy of a recent book, a website with their artwork. 
  • We will want to run a small sampling of their work in addition to the interview itself. This does not need to be included in the submission. 
  • A subject bio and headshot will eventually be needed. If the subject is a visual artist, we'll also want some pictures of their work. 
  • Author's name and PHYSICAL address must appear on submitted work. We will not read a submission without both.